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Walt Disney Elementary School

Students and teachers are
active in community project.


3D Model Visits Walt Disney

Students built a model of the results of the Let There Be Night experiment using over 35,000 LEGO blocks to represent the ideal night sky. From that 3D map, over 12,000 blocks had to be removed to represent the night sky lost to light pollution, according to over 3,400 student observations. The 3D model was displayed at Walt Disney Elementary School the week of November 16-20, 2009.

Let There Be Night exhibit at Walt Disney Let There Be NIght exibit at Walt Disney

Mythology and Constellations on Display

Constellations by Walt Disney students November 2009

LTBN banner at Walt Disney Student looking through telescopeStudents Are Measuring Sky Glow Every Night

From March 14-28, 2008, while students in grades 3-8 were observing Orion from their backyards, members of the Student Leadershp Team (SLT) have met at the school at 9:30 p.m. to measure how much of the night sky has been lost due to light pollution. They have used hand-held Sky Quality Meters (SQMs) to quantify sky glow. One night a telescope was on-site, through which the rings of Saturn were visible.

Student presenting to County CouncilStudent Addresses St. Joseph County Council

A Walt Disney Elementary School student was among the team who made a brief presentation to the St. Joseph County Council on March 24, 2009, at a committee meeting. SLT members described the three aspects of light pollution; suggested why the County should care and what's at risk; explained the LTBN community-wide experiment, both by thousands of students from their backyards and by SLTs at school grounds; and suggested what St. Joseph County can do to mitigate its light pollution. The Council generously received the group and afterward asked questions about local lighting issues.

Walt Disney Teachers Have Key Role

On September 24 and November 12, 2008, Walt Disney Elementary School teachers prepared for LTBN at two in-service sessions. The support of teachers is paramount to the success of this community-wide science experiment.