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Six Orion starfields

Orion magnitude 1 Orion magnitude 2

Orion magnitude 3 Orion magnitude 4Orion magnitude 5 Orion magnitude 6

Orion magnitudes all labelledDecimals Without a Point

An Orion star chart shows magnitudes detailed. The numbers are to one decimel point, with the dot omitted so that it isn't confused with a faint star. For example, a star with 16 next to it has an apparent magnitude of 1.6. Click image to open as a larger Orion tiff file.

Orion on a Paper Plate

Orion on a paper plate at

Orion outline on Paper Plate Orion figure on paper plate

Orion at Bittersweet

From /bittersweet.html:

Bittersweet E.S. drawings of Orion Bittersweet E.S. drawings of Orions

Here are links to some great drawings by kids depicting Orion, with more images at

Display case with Orion artwork


Students at Meadow's Edge Elementary School depict Orion in art.

From /support.html:

AVI poster for Legends of the Night Sky...OrionLaser Cuts to the Heart of the Legend

Orion is the featured constellation that students will target in March 2009 during the Globe at Night star count. The star pattern is as much about the lore as it is about the connected dots. In preparation for Let There Be Night, PHM is presenting Audio Visual Imagineering's laser show Legends of the Night Sky...Orion. Thanks go to AVI for sharing their educational yet entertaining laser program with the PHM Planetarium at a reduced cost.